Potency Pills – miracle or solution?

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction, try by all means to hide their sexual inadequacy. Some simple silence, others exaggerate their sexual health in vivid detail. The only thing that unites these two groups is that the real truth about health and disease so no one will know. Get closed circuit to break which can only help the specialists. In the occurrence of impotence involved a number of involuntary organic, neurogenic, vascular and psychogenic mechanisms. This is because an erection is a very complex physiological process, which involves a whole chain of consecutive reactions. Normal adduction of the penis in the erect state occurs at lightning speed, taking less than a minute of time.

Statistics – a stubborn thing, and she says that about 80% of the male population, faced with the problem of loss of potency, sooner or later, turn and become regular fans of Viagra.

In the base run of the neurohumoral cascade of reactions is the nerve impulse from subcortical or cortical brain structures. His appearance causes the release of hormonal biologically active substances, which lead to relaxation of the sphincters of the venous sinuses of the penis. The result is a stimulation of the blood flow to them with increasing length, thickness and hardened consistency. The ability to maintain the penis in this condition depends on many factors, but in most cases is determined by individual characteristics. Depending on when experiencing impotence, it can be primary or secondary. In the first case, an erection in boys does not occur at all. On the second it occurred, but over time weak or absent.